Water Polo Qld new initiative

Water Polo Queensland have developed a unique referees pontoon to innovate the way referees see the game.

The 33×2.5m pontoon, used at the recent Queensland Championships, provided greater opportunity for water polo compliant pools.  The structures will also allow not one or two fields of play, but allow three or four new fields play per pool.

Water Polo Queensland CEO, Rob Donaghue said: “Structures like these will change the way referees see the game, allowing the opportunity for multiple fields of player.

“The pontoon itself is actually very cost effective when compared to putting in a pool bulkhead.

“What is great is that it can be manipulated into many different configurations allowing the pontoon to be used at various venues. It even creates the option for open water venues like beaches and inland waterways,” he said.

Water Polo Qld Pontoon