About Us

About Water Polo AUS

Water Polo Australia is the national governing body for the sport of water polo in Australia. It is charged with the development and education of water polo players, officials, coaches and volunteers throughout Australia and with the conduct of competitions and championships for all levels of participation.

Nationwide competitions are conducted in the National League for both men and women, 20 & Under for Junior Men and Junior Women, 18 & Under Championships, 16 & Under Club Championships for Youth boys and girls and 14 & Under Club categories.

The sport is governed by a conference of all states and territories which elect five Directors to the WPAL Board. In addition to these five Directors, there are two nominated Directors by Commissions, namely the Athletes Commission and the Referee’s Commission. The executive directs the day-to-day activities of the association through a National Office based in Sydney.

Our Vision

“To facilitate and nurture the sport of water polo for the enjoyment of all levels of participation.”

Our Mission

“Water Polo Australia will be recognised and accepted as a successful major sporting organisation both in Australia and internationally through its astute and planned management, the performance of international teams and the delivery of water polo at all levels.”

Our Values

  • working to ensure equity in access to water polo, taking into consideration gender, age, ability and geographical location
  • encouraging and recognising the achievement of excellence in water polo
  • communicating with members and fostering the involvement of stakeholders in the organisation and development of the future of water polo
  • representing the interests of water polo to various government, and other agencies, significant to the development of water polo
  • accountability for financial and organisational management of water polo at the national level
  • provision of the highest standard of coaching and officiating at all levels
  • adoption and application of best practice in the management of water polo as a business and in elite sports development showing respect to all those involved in water polo, and all those involved in water polo to each other making water polo an enjoyable experience for all those involved in the sport, no matter in what capacity.

Our Board

President: Mr Thomas Whalan

Directors: Mr Stephen Blunt, Mr Phil Scales, Mr Daniel Bartels, Mr Trent Birkett

Athletes Commission Chair: Ms Jane Moran

Appointed Directors: Mr Andrew Knox, Ms Susie Smith

A Message from the President 

As confirmed in Water Polo Australia’s recently adopted Towards 2020 Strategic Plan, WPA’s purpose is “To facilitate and grow the sport of water polo, thereby increasing participation at all levels and achieving sustainable success at the elite level”.

The sport has 12,000 registered participants with a further 16,000 playing competitively in schools. One of our goals is to encourage the continued growth in these numbers.

The focus of the WPA Board over the next 4 years will be in the following  four areas;

  • Governance and Management
  • High Performance
  • Sport Development &
  • Business Development/Commercial Growth

The development of our Strategic Plan has been a consultative process, enabling input from WPA’s member states. This is entirely appropriate as, while WPA is the custodian of the strategic direction of Australian water polo, the States are delegated the responsibility of organising & delivering most of our competitions. It is essential that there remains a strong unity of purpose between these two roles. The Plan also benefited from the input of our major funder, the Australian Sports Commission. The  guidance provided by ASC’s ‘Winning Edge’ strategy has heavily influenced our thinking in determining our mid term priorities.

WPA looks forward to your support in continuing to grow water polo at every level.