Policies, Procedures & Reports

FINA Rules

The amended FINA rules for the period 2013-2017, passed at the Congress meeting in Barcelona (July 2015) are available below:

Water Polo Australia will implement all new rules passed by FINA at the Congress in Barcelona on 15 July 2013, except for rules relating to two goalkeepers. A decision on what level to implement this rule will be taken in the near future, until then the existing rule relating to number of players and goalkeepers will remain in place. Read the detailed WPA NOTICE regarding the new FINA rules.


After consultation with the referees commission and receiving no further advice and interpretations from FINA we feel it is prudent to defer the introduction of the new rules until after the 16 & Under National Championships. It is unfortunate  because the next time we would have so many referees together will not be until April 2014 for the 14 & Under and 18 & Under National Championships. WPAL will look to arrange to run referee seminars at each of the ITC rounds so referees and the state coordinators can observe the new rules in action. It would also help to raise the crowd and awareness of the ITC.

FINA will shortly issue a new rules interpretations paper. To ensure Australia adopts the same interpretations as the rest of the world WPA will wait for the FINA paper before making any further comments in the new rules.

WPA Under 14 Modified Rules

Water Polo Australia will introduce modified rules for the 2014 14 & Under National Club Championships to be held in April this year.

The decision to introduce the rules stems from a meeting of the National Competitions Committee, whom after consultation with Australia’s national coaches and ITC coaches as well as the Referees Commission, deemed it important emphasise skill development in young players.

It is believed that the introduction of the new rules, which are already in operation at the entry level in a majority of top European countries, will provide a better opportunity for our younger players to grow and develop.

The Referees Commission in conjunction with the seven current FINA Referee panel members will provide instruction and clarification of the rules to all clubs entered into the 2014 championships.

They will also provided tutelage to all officials selected to referee at the event.

All games at the 2014 14 & Under National Club Championships will be played under FINA rules except where modified. Please note Water Polo Australia has decided not to adopt the two-goalkeeper rule for all competitions in Australia.

Demonstration Video

The idea of this presentation is to give players, coaches, parents and spectators of water polo a good insight into the new modified rules for the under 14 age group. These rules are designed to increase player enjoyment through participation and to develop the skills of young players in areas that have been lacking in the past.

For a full explanation of the new rules and how they will be implemented click here

Advance Notice of Eligibility Rules for 14’s & 18’s C’Ships

The following clarifications and additions to the eligibility rules for all teams entering the 2014 14 & Under and 18 & Under National Club Championships are effective as at the date of calling for entries for each tournament.

Team lists that do not meet the eligibility criteria will be rejected and a new team list requested. Any player/club that does not meet the criteria will be excluded from the tournament.

Click here for Athlete Eligibility and Composite Team Rules – Issued February 2014