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Strategic Plan

Message from the President and CEO

Our purpose is to grow the sport of water polo at all levels, increasing participation and achieving sustainable success at the elite level. To achieve this, we’re working alongside our water polo community to develop a unified national plan – a new initiative for Water Polo in Australia. It will benefit participants at all levels across all codes, and guide water polo forward to greater success.

The Towards 2020 Strategic Plan is focused on further developing and consolidating the key building blocks of our sport. The plan is ambitious in the amount of significant pieces of work we want to deliver over the next four years but we believe it is achievable with the assistance of resources from our member states and territories. In delivering this plan we believe we will meet the Purpose and the Vision as stated and continue to grow the sport of Water Polo in Australia.

Phil Garling

President Water Polo Australia

Christian Renford

CEO Water Polo Australia

For the Towards 2020 Strategic Plan – click here.

Towards 2020 Strategic Plan 2