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Table Officials Manual

Water polo in Australia is a rapidly growing sport, and with that comes a greater level of competition and focus on the accuracy of the officiating of the game.

WPA is endeavouring to help the water polo community learn, enhance and become confident with their roles of Timekeeper and Table Secretary when officiating a water polo game. These are vital roles that play an important part in the game. With more competent people participating in these roles, less errors will occur.

As with all sports, a high level of volunteer participation is required. Many volunteers that come forward to assist with the scoring component of the sport are intimidated by the level of knowledge required to perform this task, and the many different ways that they are taught to do so. Our aim is to develop a uniform approach to table duties, as well as providing support to those learning these roles.

The full Table Officials Teaching Manual – addressing the Timekeeper and Table Secretary role – is available below.