Aussie Sharks Head Coach named on FINA Coaches Committee

Australian Men’s Head coach, Elvis Fatovic has been elected onto the FINA Coaches Committee.

While this is a great achievement for Elvis, and a reflection of his commitment to the sport both overseas in Europe and here in Australia, it also provides water polo in Australia the opportunity to contribute to the sport internationally.

Fatovic recognised it was important for the committee to have representation from across the globe to ensure that water polo can continue to be developed outside of Europe.

“Coaches now have a voice in decisions that are made, which is crucial at this time for the sport where there are many big decisions being made, especially around the Olympic Games.

“The Coaches Committee will work with the Development Committee to enhance coaching programs and coaching certifications for the future.  The Coaching Committee will also advise on any proposal or amendments to technical rules which is important.

“Everyone wants to have water polo as a global sport and I think the Coaching Committee can assist FINA in achieving this,” he said.

When talking about the coaching in Australia, Fatovic recognised that there is a lot important work to do to improve the systems in place.

“With some potential rule changes coming through FINA in the near future, it is important for our sport that we have experienced coaches in Australia who can understand, implement and guide our players through any transitions.

“We need to face the challenges that are in front of us and ensure we have solid development programs in place from grassroots through to elite, for both coaches and players.  We also need to ensure we have more professional coaches involved in the development pathways so junior players have greater access to professional coaches,” said Fatovic.

The FINA Coaching Committee is responsible for:

  • In coordination with the Development Committee, to fulfil FINA development programme requirements,
  • To participate in the Coaches Certification programme for each discipline,
  • To bring the coaches experience and requirements with occasion of FINA Competitions to the respective Management Committee of the event,
  • To be in contact with and bring forward recommendations and proposals from the coaches around the world, and
  • To advise on any proposal or amendments to Technical Rules for each discipline.

Water Polo Australia would like to congratulate Elvis on his appointment, and are excited to be involved in such a great development in the sport worldwide.

Full details of the FINA Coaches Committee and it’s members can be found on the official FINA website