Born 1999 Squad selected for AIS Camp

Congratulations to those selected for the Born 1999 Camp to be held at the AIS from 4-9th January, 2017. 

Zoe Balmanno (QLD – Barracudas)
Nicole Chaney (NSW – Wests)
Bethany Clark (NSW – Cronulla)
Claire Durston (WA – City Beach)
Jessica Emerson (QLD – Barracudas)
Emily Gallagher (QLD – Barracudas)
Annie Gleeson (WA – City Beach)
Sophie Hall (SA – Jets/Triton)
Kim Keane (NSW – Cronulla)
Sarah Leavy (WA – Melville)
Lauren Macleod (NSW – SNB)
Daisy Nankervis (NSW – SNB)
Lydia Pascoe (QLD – Polo Bears)
Brooke Pensini (WA – Melville)
Lydia Priestley (WA – City Beach)
Saskia Richardson (VIC – Richmond)
Madison Rigo (WA – City Beach)
Georgia Southern (NSW – Drummoyne)
Zoe Ward (WA – Dolphins)
Lexie Wooley (NSW – SNB)