Day 2 FINA World League Super Final: Aussie Stingers

The Aussie Stingers have gone down 6-8 to hosts China in their second pool match of the FINA World League Super Final as the side looks to turn things around ahead of their next game against Spain tonight.

Australia had six individual goal scorers across the match including Hannah Buckling, Elle Armit, Bronwen Knox, Amy Ridge, Zoe Arancini and Morgan Baxter.

Young Queenslander Gabi Palm was injected into the match as goalkeeper after half time and looked comfortable in the high-pressure  match.

Baxter’s five metre penalty goal early in the last quarter was important for levelling the scores.

China’s defence could not be broken for the remainder of the match and two answered goals proved the difference at full time.

Tonight, the Aussie Stingers play their last pool match and will be looking for a win against the powerful Spanish team who were beaten last night by Netherlands.

Aussie Stingers centre forward Elle Armit has had a strong campaign at the World League Finals and will know what to expect when she lines up against Spain tonight, having spent a season in Barcelona.

“When I played over there I learnt about their aggressiveness and they don’t play to the referees in the sense they get their head down. They do the job, don’t care what the referees are going to call and get the goal whichever means necessary.

“After my time in Barcelona I know a bit more about the Spaniards as people and how to play against them,” she said.

Tune in tonight when Australia take on Spain from 6:30pm tonight (AEST). Watch live on FINAtv stream or match updates on Water Polo Australia’s twitter @WaterpoloAus.

Aussie Stingers Team:
1. Lilian Hedges – Fremantle, WA
2. Madeleine Steere – Victoria, VIC
3. Hannah Buckling – Sydney Uni, NSW
4. Elle Armit – Drummoyne, NSW
5. Isobel Bishop – Sydney Uni, NSW
6. Bronwen Knox – Breakers, QLD
7. Pascalle Casey – Balmain, NSW
8. Amy Ridge – Cronulla, NSW
9. Zoe Arancini (c) – Fremantle, WA
10. Jessica Zimmerman – Dolphins, WA
11. Morgan Baxter – Drummoyne, NSW
12. Lena Mihailovic – Cronulla, NSW
13. Gabriella Palm – Barracudas, QLD