High Performance

High Performance

2020+ Performance Plan

Water Polo Australia’s High Performance strategy – 2020+ Performance Plan – was submitted to the Australian Sports Commission as part of the funding bid for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games quadrennial and beyond. Click here for the full plan.

Evolving from the 2013-2020 plan a more targeted 2020+ Performance Plan has been developed following an assessment post the Rio 2016 Olympic cycle

Water polo in Australia operates within a very unique environment compared to the rest of the water polo world. To maximise the competitive advantage that the federated Institute/Academies of sport program model offers, an alternative model of program delivery in key States was revised to align to the national vision and strategic direction.

In formulating the final  2020+ Performance Plan, engagement with key stakeholders was undertaken to ensure a commitment from members was at the core of the strategy development. This enlisted support was achieved in the following way:


Four (4) stakeholder workshop forums (October 2014, May 2015, September 2015, November 2016), 20+ individual State stakeholder discussions and more than 150 people involved directly in discussions from October 2014 to November 2016 to inform the plan.

The initial workshop set the tone for where the sport was and where we could aspire to be. This influenced the creation of a new vision to become the best water polo nation in the world.

Subsequent workshops identified priority performance gaps, which were followed by individual State environment discussions to align program models to the national vision.

Stakeholder engagement 

Stakeholders engaged included

o    National and State Institute/Academies of sport chief executives

o    High performance directors and water polo coaches

o    National program coaches and performance support staff,

o    AIS executive and program management personnel

o    External sport professionals

o    State Association staff

o    Club delegates

o    Athletes

o    WPA Directors and staff.

Data Analysis. 

Significant data analysis was used in formulating the strategy including;

o    Australian environment scan against key high performance drivers,

o    Competitor analysis of the best eight nations in the world

o    Thorough Rio 2016 cycle review.

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2020+ Performance Plan – click here.


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