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Personal Excellence

What is Personal Excellence?

Formerly known as the National Athlete Career and Education (NACE) Program, the newly titled Personal Excellence Program is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and is an important element within Australia’s High Performance Sport Plan – Australia’s Winning Edge.

Further information about Australia´s Winning Edge 2012-2022 can be found on the AIS website.

Personal Excellence is designed to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life.

Through a multifaceted approach, athletes will be provided with guidance, access to resources and educational opportunities to achieve personal and professional empowerment. The Personal Excellence Program places attention on the Personal Excellence Principles of professionalism, accountability, responsibility, integrity and resilience, through three key learning areas.

The three Personal Excellence key learning areas are:

  1. Sport / Life
  2. Dual Career
  3. Progression

The issues and increased media scrutiny faced by today’s athletes place significant pressure on all areas of their life and their ability to manage their actions.

Therefore, if an athlete can:

  • Embrace and understand the need for lifelong learning
  • Adopt appropriate life skills, and
  • Be prepared for all stages of the high performance pathway

They will be better equipped to make decisions which impact performance in sport and life, successfully progress through athletic journey and achieve the principles of Personal Excellence.

Personal Excellence Program Delivery

The AIS will work with National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s) and the State and territory Institute and Academy of Sport network (SIS/SAS) to strengthen their capability to deliver:

  • An athlete roadmap, including inductions to high performance sport and benchmark representative teams, along with transition guidance and planning for post sport
  • Formal and informal learning, in addition to career guidance and education advice
  • Third party provider referral networks
  • Resource development
  • AIS residential support
  • The myAISplaybook e-platform.

Further information about the Australian Institute of Sport Personal Excellence Program can be found on the AIS website.

Water Polo Australia’s Commitment to Personal Excellence

In line with Australia’s Winning Edge 2012 – 2022 game plan for moving from world class to world best, Water Polo Australia’s goal is to provide the right support at the right time in the athlete’s pathway, by empowering athletes through world best programs and services.

Water Polo Australia have employed a part time Personal Excellence Consultant to coordinate their Personal Excellence Program and work in collaboration with the state and territory institute and academy of sport network, and respective professionals.

In line with the AIS Personal Excellence Program and a holistic approach towards supporting and developing athletes with world best programs and services catering to the needs of the sport and individual, Water Polo Australia will work collaboratively with the AIS, NSWIS, VIS, SASI and WAIS Personal Excellence Advisors and Personal Development Advisors at the QAS to deliver Water Polo Australia’s Personal Excellence Program to Australia’s Winning Edge categorised athletes.

Water Polo Australia’s Winning Edge categorisations consist of:

  • Podium
  • Podium Potential
  • Emerging, and
  • Developing athletes

Water Polo Australia’s Personal Excellence Program consists of the following three key learning areas:

  1. Sport / Life
  2. Dual Career
  3. Progression

Water Polo Australia’s three key learning areas are consistent with the AIS Personal Excellence Program key learning areas.

For further information about Water Polo Australia’s Personal Excellence Program please contact Troy Baverstock (Water Polo Australia’s Personal Excellence Consultant) on 0468.922.184 or . Troy is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Water Polo Australia Personal Excellence booklet

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