Aussie Sharks

Mitch Emery

Mitch Emery

Personal Details

Given name: Mitchell

Family name: Emery

Date of birth: 27/09/1990

City of birth: Sydney, NSW

Height: 183cm

Weight: 90kg

Marital status: Single

Home town and State: Greystanes, NSW

Club/team: Drummoyne Devils

National League team: Drummoyne Devils / UWA Torpedoes

International debut: 2010

Playing position: Left side Driver

Handedness: Right

Preferred cap number: 7

Major achievements:

  • Olympic Games: n/a
  • FINA World Championships: 8th, Barcelona, Spain, 2013
  • FINA World League: 5th, FINA Super League Finals, Dubai 2014; 4th, FINA World League Preliminary, China 2010
  • Other Competitions: 5th, FINA World Cup, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2014

General Information

Occupation: Student/ Athlete

Age when began competing in your sport: 11

Where did you begin competing: Parramatta

Most memorable sporting achievement: Winning the VAL LEMBIT TROPHY in 2008

Any relatives/spouses who have competed internationally: Nope

What made you choose this sport: Sick of swimming

Who is the most influential person in your sporting career and why: My mother; of course. And she would tell you as well.

Which person do you most look up to in your sporting career and why: Greg Bird – Gold Coast Titan -He is one of the best and toughest players in the NRL, he has had many ups and downs throughout he’s career and still plays the game as it is he’s last.

What are your ambitions both during and after your sporting career: To create greatness with the Aussie Sharks and become a firefighter

I dream of: Goldness

What is your proudest sporting moment: Playing for the Aussie Sharks in front of my family and friends in Sydney 2010


Drink: Cold water

Food: Mum’s cooking

Movies: Anything Funny

Songs: Open your eyes (snow patrol) Everything Billy Joel

Sporting team: Mighty Manly Sea Eagles, Carolina Panthers

Place to travel for water polo: Dubrovnik Croatia

Place to travel for pleasure: Anywhere were I can snowboard

Thing to do on a day off: Eat, Sleep


Beach / Movie: Beach

Pizza / Salad: Pizza

Rap / Rock: Both

Summer / Winter: Both

Drive / Be driven: Drive

Talk / Listen: Listen

Shorts / Jeans: Shorts