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Nathan Power

Nathan Power

Personal Details

Given name: Nathan

Family name: Power

Date of birth: 13/02/93

City of birth: Newcastle, NSW

Height: 200cm

Weight: 104kg

Hometown and State: Sydney, NSW

Club/team: Central Newcastle

National League team: UNSW West Magpies

International debut: 2013

Playing position: Centre back

Handedness: Right-handed

Preferred cap number: 5

Twitter: @N_power5

Major achievements:

  • Olympic Games: n/a
  • FINA World Championships: 8th, Barcelona, Spain, 2013
  • FINA World League: n/a
  • Other Competitions:8th, FINA World Junior Championships, Szombathely, Hungary, 2013

General Information

Occupation: Student

Uni Course: Bachelor of Arts

Institution: UNSW

Marital status: Single

Age when began competing in your sport: 13

Where did you begin competing: Central Newcastle

Most memorable sporting achievement: Winning State Netball High School competition in dominant fashion

Any relatives/spouses who have competed internationally: My Great Uncle played Basketball for Australia

What made you choose this sport: My mum played water polo for Australian Country and people who knew her from the sport contacted me to come play

Who is the most influential person in your sporting career and why:  My dad because he is a single parent who has always worked hard to provide unwavering support especially through hard times

Which person do you most look up to in your sporting career and why: Muhammad Ali as he is a tremendous physical athlete who always exuded supreme confidence and self-belief both in and outside the sporting arena.

What are your ambitions both during and after your sporting career:  To make the 2016 Olympics in Rio and 2020 Olympics in Japan and make enough money to live care free

I dream of: Travelling and living overseas

What is your proudest sporting moment: Singing the National anthem at the World Championships


Drink: Chocolate Milk

Food: Pasta

Movies: The Departed

Songs: The Horses – Daryl Brathwaite

Sporting team: Newcastle Knights NRL team

Place to travel for water polo: Barcelona

Place to travel for pleasure: Fiji

Thing to do on a day off: Sleep and beach


Beach / Movie: Movie

Pizza / Salad: Salad

Rap / Rock: Rock

Summer / Winter:  Summer

Drive / Be driven: Be Driven

Talk / Listen: Listen

Shorts / Jeans: Shorts