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Ashleigh Southern

Ashleigh Southern

Personal Details

Given name: Ashleigh

Family name: Southern

Date of birth: 22/10/92

City of birth: Ingham, Qld

Height: 188cm

Home town and State: Cardwell, Qld

Club/team: Brisbane Barracudas

National League team: Brisbane Barracudas

International debut: FINA World Cup, NZ, 2010

Playing position: Utility

Handedness: Right-handed

Preferred cap number: 10

Twitter: @AshSouthern

Instagram: @ashsouthern

Major achievements

  • Olympic Games: 3rd, London, England, 2012
  • FINA World Championships: 2nd, Barcelona, Spain, 2013; 4th, Kazan, Russia, 2015
  • FINA World League: 2nd, FINA World League Finals, Shanghai, China, 2012; 3rd, FINA World League Finals, Tianjin, China, 2011
  • Other competitions: 1st, NWPL Premiership, 2013; 1st, Water Polo Pan Pacs, Melbourne, Australia, 2012; 1st, London Test Event, London, England, 2012; 1st, Canada Cup, Montreal, Canada, 2011; 2nd, FINA World Cup, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2010; 3rd, FINA World Junior Championships, Trieste, Italy, 2011

General Information

Occupation: Student

Uni Course: Bachelor of Business/Sports Management

Institution: Griffith University, Qld

Marital status: Single

Age when began competing in your sport: 10 – I played Flippa Ball for my school and was selected to trial for u14’s Water Polo.

Where did you begin competing: Townsville, Qld

Most memorable sporting achievement: Winning the Bronze Medal in London 2012, after going through a penalty shoot-out in the Quarter Final, Extra Time in the semi final and then Extra time in the Bronze Medal Match.

Have you had to come any major adversities in your life/career: Wrist surgery in 2012

Any relatives/spouses who have competed internationally: Yes

If so, who and what sports: My brother toured with the junior men’s water polo team

What made you choose this sport: I got the opportunity to travel the world playing and also played alongside some of my closest friends.

Who is the most influential person in your sporting career and why: At the moment, I would say Holly Lincoln-Smith. I don’t think I could’ve got to this point in my career without having her around to train beside me, against me and also pushing my limits daily. We get to travel the world together and experience something that many cannot relate to. Watching her comeback from the many injuries she has faced throughout her career inspires me and…(jokingly) I basically just want to be better then her at everything!

What are your ambitions both during and after your sporting career: I want to win Gold in Rio. That has been my obvious goal from the beginning. I am also trying to enjoy the journey as I know that it will be over in a flash. After water polo, I want to finish my degree and find a career that I am passionate about.

What is your proudest sporting moment: Standing on the podium receiving my Olympic bronze medal with my team at the London Olympics! Such an amazing feeling

Little known, interesting fact about you: I write left handed but play right handed.


Drink: Vanilla Iced Latte

Food: Acai Bowl

Movies: Mean Girls

Songs: Andra Day, Rise Up

Sporting team: Aussie Stingers, North Queensland Cowboys NRL team

Place to travel for water polo: Italy, for the food

Place to travel for pleasure: Greece…one of my favourite places

Thing to do on a day off: Trying to work on my tan at the beach, drinking coffee, eating food, netflixing, catching up with friends


Beach / Movie: Beach

Pizza / Salad: Pizza

Rap / Rock: Rap

Summer / Winter: Summer

Drive / Be driven: Drive

Talk / Listen: Listen

Shorts / Jeans: Shorts