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Bronwen Knox

Bronwen Knox

Personal Details

Given name: Bronwen

Family name: Knox

Date of birth: 16/04/86

City of birth: Brisbane, Qld

Height: 182cm

Weight: 85kg

Home town and State: Brisbane, Qld

National League team: UNSW

International debut: 2005 – AUSvNZ test series in Canberra

Playing position: Centre back

Handedness: Right

Preferred cap number: 6

Twitter: @bronknox

Instagram: @bronknox

Major achievements

  • Olympic Games: 3rd, London, England, 2012; 3rd, Beijing, China, 2008
  • FINA World Championships: 2nd, Barcelona, Spain, 2013; 2nd, Melbourne, Australia, 2007
  • FINA World League: 2nd, FINA World League Finals, Shanghai, China, 2012; 2nd, FINA World League Super Finals, La Jolla, USA, 2010; 3rd, FINA World League Super Finals, Tenerife, Spain, 2008
  • Other competitions: 1st, Water Polo Pan Pacs, Melbourne, Australia, 2012; 1st, London Test Event, London, England, 2012; 1st, FINA World Cup, Tianjin, China, 2006; 2nd, FINA World Cup, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2010

General Information

Occupation: n/a

Uni Course: Bachelor Bachelor of Biomedical Science 2013, Graduate Diploma Public Health (Emergency and Disaster Management) 2014, Bachelor of Law (Honours) currently completing.

Institution: Griffith University, Qld

Marital status: Single

Age when began competing in your sport: 14 – I started as a swimmer, and crossed over to water polo full time at 16 years old

Where did you begin competing: Brisbane, Qld

Most memorable sporting achievement: Olympic bronze medal in 2012

Any relatives/spouses who are famous for things other than water polo: Yes, my grandfather, politician Sir William Knox was a liberal MP and held seat for Nunda, Vice President of the Queensland Liberal Party between 1956 and 1957. He was Liberal leader in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1976–1978 and again from 1983–1988 and was given life membership that same year. He held the portfolios of Health, Justice and Attorney-General.

What made you choose this sport: I enjoyed most sports, but thrived in water. So it was great to find something that had the elements of ball sports, swimming, and was team based.

Who is the most influential person in your sporting career and why: My family and mum in particular. She has provided constant support and encouragement as well as being a psychologist, coach and cheerleader

Which person do you most look up to in your sporting career and why: Australian women’s team captain at the Sydney 2000 Games, Naomi McCarthy (nee Castle). She was an idol of mine growing up in the sport and I first played with her when I was 16 years old in the A grade Competition for the North Brisbane Polo Bears. She has mentored me throughout my sporting career and has been a constant friend and fountain of information.

What are your ambitions both during and after your sporting career: My sporting ambitions include being the best in the world and winning a gold medal at an Olympic Games. Once I finish up with my sporting career, I hope to finish my Law degree and work in the field of Health promotion.

I dream of: An Olympic gold medal

What is your proudest sporting moment: Watching the women win gold in Sydney 2000 and winning silver at the 2013 FINA World Championships


Drink: Coffee

Food: Chocolate, but I love trying new foods.

Songs: n/a

Sporting team: Queensland Reds Super 15 Rugby team

Place to travel for water polo: Recently we have spent time in Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia which are all beautiful places to visit.

Place to travel for pleasure: Scandinavia is where I would love to go on my next holiday.

Thing to do on a day off: Catching up with friends and family. Trying new cafes and restaurants.


Beach / Movie: Movie

Pizza / Salad: Pizza

Rap / Rock: Rock

Summer / Winter: Winter

Drive / Be driven: Drive

Talk / Listen: Listen

Shorts / Jeans: Jeans