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Gemma Beadsworth

Gemma Beadsworth

Personal Details

Given name: Gemma

Family name: Beadsworth

Date of birth: 17/07/87

City of birth: Perth, WA

Height: 180cm

Weight: 80kg

Home town and State: Perth, WA

Club/team: Melville Water Polo Club

National League team: Fremantle Marlins

International debut: FINA World Championships, Montreal, Canada 2005

Playing position: Centre forward

Handedness: Right-handed

Preferred cap number: 2

Twitter: @gem_bead

Major achievements

  • Olympic Games: 3rd, London, England 2012; 3rd, Beijing, China 2008
  • FINA World Championships: 2nd, Melbourne, Australia 2007; 5th, Shanghai, China 2011
  • FINA World League: 2nd, FINA World League Finals, Shanghai, China 2012; 2nd, FINA World League Super Finals, La Jolla, USA 2010; 3rd, FINA World League Super Finals, Tianjin, China 2011; 3rd, FINA World League Super Finals, Tenerife, Spain 2008
  • Other competitions: 1st, Water Polo Pan Pacs, Melbourne, Australia 2012; 1st, London Test Event, London, England 2012; 1st, Canada Cup, Montreal, Canada 2011; 1st, FINA World Junior Championships, Porto, Portugal 2007; 1st, FINA World Cup, Tianjin, China 2006; 1st, National Water Polo League, 2003, 2004, 2007; 2nd, FINA World Cup, Christchurch, New Zealand 2010; 3rd, FINA Junior World Championships, Perth, Australia 2005

General Information

Occupation: Property Acquisitions Research Analyst

Uni Course: Bachelor of Commerce

Institution: Curtin University of Technology

Marital status: Single

Age when began competing in your sport: First National Age Championship, U/12’s

Where did you begin competing: First started playing at Melville Water Polo Club. Playing flippa ball (modified version of water polo) when I was 8/9 years old

Any superstitions or rituals before competition: No, don’t like to leave anything to chance

Most memorable sporting achievement: Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics

Have you had to come any major adversities in your life/career: I have been very fortunate in my life/career thus far. Apart from various minor injuries over the last 6 years, this only put my water polo on hold for a few months at a time

Any relatives/spouses who have competed internationally: Yes

If so, who and what sports: Brother, Jamie – water polo; he is in the national men’s team and competed in the Beijing Olympics

What made you choose this sport: Friends at our swimming club also played down at Melville Water Polo Club, so my brother and I thought we would give it a go

Who is the most influential person in your sporting career and why: My parents for their ongoing support, and my former coach Simone Hankin for her encouragement of me and imparting her experience and knowledge of the game

Which person do you most look up to in your sporting career and why: There are many people I admire in water polo, none more so than the other though. Athletes outside of the sport such as Rafael Nadal and LeBron James are outstandingly talented and I appreciate and respect what they done to reach where they are today

What are your ambitions both during and after your sporting career:  To win gold at the London Olympics 2012. To be successful and happy in my chosen career

I dream of:  Having heaps of time, free to do whatever I feel like doing on that chosen day

What is your proudest sporting moment: Standing on the dais with my team at the Beijing Olympics


Drink: Coffee

Food: Love all food especially Italian and seafood

Movies: Gladiator, Love Actually, Strictly Ballroom

Songs: I Won’t Kneel (Groove Armada), Skinny Love (Bon Iver), and In for the Kill (La Roux)

Sporting team: West Coast Eagles, AFL team

Place to travel for water polo: Italy

Place to travel for pleasure: Barcelona and Rome

Thing to do on a day off: Go out and catch up with friends


Beach / Movie: Beach

Pizza / Salad: Pizza

Rap / Rock: Rock

Summer / Winter: Summer

Drive / Be driven: Be driven

Talk / Listen: Listen

Shorts / Jeans: Shorts