National Teams

Junior & Youth Women

The Australian women’s junior and youth squads are selected following the relevant national championships and reviewed regularly following identified competitions and Talent Camps.

Athletes in the junior and youth squads are targeted athletes for future senior teams and are exposed to what is required to become an Aussie Stinger. This includes often being introduced into the elite training environments offered by state sporting Institutes and Academies.

Youth squad members may also be part of their state’s underpinning programs which form an important part of the national athlete pathway.

The junior and youth squads come together for domestic training camps throughout the year to prepare for an international tour. The junior squad is a targeted under 20s group that competes at the Junior World Championships every two years and athletes are selected in line with the relevant age group for each world championships.

The youth squad is a targeted under 18s group that compete at the Youth World Championships in the alternate years to the junior world championships and are also selected in line with the relevant age group for each world championships.

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BORN 2000 Squad – April Camp at AIS

2nd – 7th April 2018
1 Abby Andrews QLD
2 Charlize Andrews QLD
3 Hayley Ballesty NSW
4 Kasey Dalziel QLD
5 Abbey Freeman NSW
6 Inde Halligan NSW
7 Macy Hansford NSW
8 Lily Hawthorn ACT
9 Tilly Kearns NSW
10 Brooke Mather NSW
11 Sophie Milliken QLD
12 Maisie Newell QLD
13 Jamie Oberman WA
14 Isobelle Pamp NSW
15 Ruby Swadling NSW
16 Nioka Thomas NSW
17 Carla Traplin NSW
18 Alyssa West SA


BORN 2000 Squad – Europe Tour

22nd July – 12th August 2017
1 Abby Andrews QLD
2 Charlize Andrews QLD
3 Hayley Ballesty NSW
4 Kasey Dalziel QLD
5 Abby Freeman NSW
6 Inde Halligan NSW
7 Lily Hawthorn ACT
8 Amelia Hodgson NSW
9 Katie Hughes NSW
10 Tilly Kearns NSW
11 Jolie Marsden NSW
12 Brooke Mather NSW
13 Sophie Milliken QLD
14 Jamie Oberman WA
15 Carla Traplin NSW
16 Alyssa West SA


World Uni Games and BORN 97 Squad

Camp 1-11th August 2017
WUG Tour/Universiade  11-31st August 2017
B97 Tour / World Championships 21st August – 12 September 2017 
1 Tyler Baillie QLD
2 Julia Barton NSW
3 Morgan Baxter NSW
4 Pascalle Casey NSW
5 Daisy Carter NSW
6 Sofia Chaves WA
7 Bethany Clarke NSW
8 Ashley Colaco NSW
9 Alexandra Corbett NSW
10 Brooke Dickie NSW/VIC
11 Abbey Grosse WA
12 Savannah Henshaw NSW
13 Georgia Hickey QLD
14 Zoe Hille VIC
15 Sophie Hodgson NSW
16 Kiara Holden NSW
17 Tess Hosking WA
18 Bridget Johnston NSW/VIC
19 Tilly Kearns NSW
20 Bridget Leeson Smith QLD
21 Genevieve Longman WA/NSW
22 Brooke McCLean NSW
23 Danielle Morrissey NSW
24 Tori Morrissey NSW
25 Dayna O’Leary WA
26 Gabi Palm QLD
27 Sophie Pontre WA
28 Madeleine Quinn WA
29 Natasha Rewi-Henry NSW
30 Ashleigh Roberts QLD
31 Ellodie Ruffin QLD
32 Alice Williams QLD
33 Mollie Williams NSW
34 Mia Willows NSW


BORN 1999 Squad – Camp in Sydney

26th June – 2nd July 2017
1 Zoe Balmanno QLD
2 Shannon Brown QLD
3 Nichole Chaney NSW
4 Bethany Clark NSW
5 Claire Durston WA
6 Jessica Emerson QLD
7 Sophie Hall SA
8 Kim Keane NSW
9 Sarah Leavy WA
10 Lydia Pascoe QLD
11 Brooke Pensini WA
12 Emily Powell QLD
13 Lydia Priestly WA
14 Saskia Richardson VIC
15 Madison Rigo WA
16 Georgia Southern NSW
17 Zoe Ward WA
18 Chloe Woodbine QLD
19 Lexie Woolley NSW


Born 1999 & Under Camp Squad to be held at the AIS from 4-9 January 2017

Zoe Balmanno (QLD – Barracudas)
Nicole Chaney (NSW – Wests)
Bethany Clark (NSW – Cronulla)
Claire Durston (WA – City Beach)
Jessica Emerson (QLD – Barracudas)
Emily Gallagher (QLD – Barracudas)
Annie Gleeson (WA – City Beach)
Sophie Hall (SA – Jets/Triton)
Kim Keane (NSW – Cronulla)
Sarah Leavy (WA – Melville)
Lauren Macleod (NSW – SNB)
Daisy Nankervis (NSW – SNB)
Lydia Pascoe (QLD – Polo Bears)
Brooke Pensini (WA – Melville)
Lydia Priestley (WA – City Beach)
Saskia Richardson (VIC – Richmond)
Madison Rigo (WA – City Beach)
Georgia Southern (NSW – Drummoyne)
Zoe Ward (WA – Dolphins)
Lexie Wooley (NSW – SNB)

Born 2000 & Under Camp Squad to be held at the AIS from 4-9 January 2017

Abby Andrews (QLD – BGGS)
Charlize Andrews (QLD – Polo Bears)
Hayley Ballesty (NSW – SNB)
Elyse Boyer (VIC – O&M)
Alexandra Byrnes (NSW – UNSW)
Alessia Cerasani (QLD – Sunshine Coast)
Georgia Dyson (NSW – UNSW)
Abbey Freeman (NSW – Cronulla)
Charlotte Gates (ACT – Canberra)
Phoebe Hall (NSW – Drummoyne)
Inde Halligan (NSW – SNB)
Macy Hansford (NSW – Drummoyne)
Lily Hawthorn (ACT – Canberra)
Amelia Hodgson (NSW – Hunter)
Katie Hughes (NSW – Hunter)
Mikaela Kenwood (QLD – All Hallows)
Rachel Lagdon (WA – Dolphins)
Annie Lefoe (VIC – O&M)
Eliza Limn (NSW – Hunter)
Jolie Marsden (NSW – Hunter)
Brooke Mather (NSW – Drummoyne)
Sophie Milliken (QLD – Polo Bears)
Sophie Munchenberg (SA – Adelaide Tritons)
Skye Nankervis (NSW – SNB)
Phillipa Nash (ACT – Canberra)
Jamie Oberman (WA – Triton)
Isobelle Pamp (NSW – SNB)
Jessica Smith (QLD – Sunshine Coast)
Siani Swarbrick (ACT – Canberra)
Carla Traplin (NSW – Drummoyne)
Alyssa West (SA – Adelaide Tritons)
Kasey Williams Dalziel (QLD – Polo Bears)
Tasma Wooly (NSW – SNB)

2016 National Teams & Squads

FINA 2016 World Women’s Youth Championship – 12-18 December 2016

  1. Gabriella Palm, QLD
  2. Bridget Johnston, VIC
  3. Sofia Chaves, WA
  4. Hayley Collins, NSW
  5. Brooke Dickie, VIC
  6. Savannah Henshaw, NSW
  7. Kiara Holden, NSW
  8. Emma Jones, NSW
  9. Matilda Kearns, NSW
  10. Danielle Morrissey, NSW
  11. Sofie Pontre, WA
  12. Meghan Ridge, NSW
  13. Alice Williams, QLD

Born ’97 (B97) Squad to Tour Europe (June 28 to July 17)

B97 Coaches & Support Staff

B97 Head Coach – Predrag Mihailovic

B97 Assistant Coach – Georgina Kovacs

B97 Support Staff – Jennifer Liessmann

B97 Players

GK’s: Tess Hosking (WA), Emma Workman (NSW)

Field Players: Zoe Balmanno (QLD), Bethany Clarke (NSW), Ashley Colaco (NSW), Alex Corbett (NSW), Abbey Grosse (WA), Zoe Hille (VIC), Jessica Emerson (QLD), Olivia McDonald (QLD), Daisy Nankervis (NSW), Dayna O’Leary (WA), Ashleigh Roberts (QLD),  Georgia Hickey  (QLD), Mia Willows (NSW).

Born ’98 (B98) Squad to Tour Europe (25 July-14 August)

B98 Coaches & Support Staff

B98 Head Coach – Pedrag Mihailovic

B98 Assistant Coach – Rebecca Rippon

B98 Support Staff – Tracey Mirabito

B98 Players

GK’s: Gabriella Palm (QLD), Bridget Johnston (VIC)

Field Players: Sofia Chaves (WA), Hayley Collins (NSW), Brooke Dickie (VIC), Savannah Henshaw (NSW), Sophie Hodgson (NSW), Kiara Holden (NSW), Emma Jones (NSW), Matilda Kearns (NSW), Danielle Morrisey (NSW), Sofie Pontre (WA), Meghan Ridge (NSW), Alice Williams (QLD).

Born 2000 (B00) Squad for Pan Pacs

B00 Coaches & Support Staff

B00 Head Coach – Arjan Vos

B00 Assistant Coach – Dusan Damjanovic

B00 Assistant Coach – Taryn Woods

B00 Players

Abby Andrews (QLD), Charlize Andrews (QLD), Hayley Ballesty (NSW),  Alexandra Byrnes (NSW), Alessia Cerasani (QLD), Lucy Coon (NSW),  Kasey Williams Dalziel (QLD), Abbey Freeman (NSW), Inde Halligan (NSW), Phoebe Hall (NSW),  Amelia Hodgson (NSW), Katie Hughes (NSW), Mikaela Kenwood (QLD), Rachel Lagdon (WA), Annie Lefoe (VIC), Eliza Limn (NSW), Brooke Mather (NSW), Sophie Milliken (QLD),  Sophie Munchenberg (SA),  Jamie Oberman (WA), Isobelle Pamp (NSW),  Siani Swarbrick (ACT), Jessica Smith (QLD), Carla Traplin (NSW).

Team for Test Series Vs New Zealand

Abby Andrews (QLD), Charlize Andrews (QLD), Lucy Coon (NSW), Kasey Williams Dalziel (QLD), Abbey Freeman (NSW), Inde Halligan (NSW), Katie Hughes (NSW), Brooke Mather (NSW), Sophie Milliken (QLD), Sophie Munchenberg (SA), Jamie Oberman (WA), Carla Traplin (NSW).