After the successful trial of the new look FlippaBall program last season, Water Polo Australia together with the State Associations is pleased to roll out the national FlippaBall program.

Designed to get more children under the age of 12 years old playing water polo, the national FlippaBall program is a non-contact, modified version of the game designed to introduce kids to the sport in a fun way.

Water Polo Australia CEO, Christian Renford, said the launch of FlippaBall showcases some great ways all levels of the sport are working together.

FlippaBall logo-stacked“Thanks to the Clubs and coaches that took part in the FlippaBall pilot last year, we’ve been able to develop a suite of junior products designed to get more kids playing water polo,” said Renford.

“We now have the ‘FlippaFamily’ which has different products that cater for the needs of the different groups.

“We have products including modified competitions, school based programs, come and try days as well as basic skills training sessions.

“The research showed us we needed more introduction programs to get beginners into the sport at an early age and we needed a national brand that Clubs and coaches could use.

“There are so many great water polo programs out there and Water Polo Australia wanted to create a series of products that Clubs and coaches could access and tailor based on the needs of their local area.

“We look forward to working with our State Associations, Club and coaches in promoting these great programs in the community,” he said.

Flippa Family

The products included under the Flippa Family brand includes:

  1. FlippaBall – core product, a non-contact modified water polo competition for beginners aged under 12 years old.
  2. FlippaSkills – activity-based training program for beginner club members to learn the basic skills of water polo in a fun way.
  3. FlippaSchools – School-based skill introduction program with delivery options for land or pool (delivered through the Australian Sports Commission ‘Sporting Schools’)
  4. FlippaFun – online downloadable tools and guides to play water polo away from the club/school/pool.
  5. FlippaFest – coming in 2018: sanctioned “Come and Try” events that can be used as a pre-season recruitment tool or post-season family fun events.

What else is new? 

  • NATIONAL RULES. FlippaBall rules have been clarified and developed to provide consistency across Australia (click here).  The new rules are designed to encourage correct skill development and introduction to the game.
  • NATIONAL BRAND. The national brand provides Clubs and coaches the opportunity to access marketing and other promotional support tools that can assist clubs in getting more people involved in the sport.
  • SANCTIONING SYSTEM. A new sanctioning program will offer clubs and coaches the chances to access the national brand, FlippaBall coaching resources, and a real point difference to other providers. To ensure you can access all the FlippaBall resources and conduct an official FlippaBall program this summer:
    • FlippaBall competitions – sanction your events today. Click here.
    • Accredited Coaches – All FlippaBall competitions and courses must be delivered by a WPA accredited community coach. It is simple to gain your accreditation online – click here.

For more information, visit the FlippaBall website –

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