Olympic water polo player takes experience in the pool into the board room

Olympian Tyler Martin not only uses his competitive instincts to propel his international career, but to drive him in the business world with his swimwear brand Delfina Sport.

Founded in 2013, Martin has had a busy few years both in and out of the pool as he worked to secure a spot at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Martin’s journey to the Rio Olympic Games was a unique one, after initially not selected for the team, but pushing himself to build the strength of his team mates as they trained toward the Games.

While in camp with the team, Aussie Sharks team mate Nathan Power suffered a hand injury forcing him out of Rio and opening the door for Martin.

“For the first few days there was no taking away from feeling more sympathetic and sad for Nathan.

“It was mixed emotions, because naturally I was excited for myself – thinking back it still feels so surreal.”

“The whole experience was very much character building and I am very grateful for the advice and support I received throughout the entire process,” Martin said.

Although the Aussie Men’s team didn’t achieve the result they set out to, the team continues to grow and build towards Tokyo.

“It was a DelfinaTM!whirlwind experience with training days mixed in with Olympic competition.”

“While extremely disappointing to not progress to the quarter finals, the overall performance would have seen us progress at any other Olympic games.”

“This Olympics was the most even of all time and had a record number of draws and unfortunately it didn’t pan out in our favour.”

“I am very grateful for the whole experience, when the Olympics wrapped up our coach shared some very nice words, which almost vindicated the original non-selection and will sit with me for a long time to come.”

Martin’s love of water polo helped him create the opportunity to setup a point of difference for Delfina.

Having aligned his passion for Water Polo with his professional career, Delfina continues to go from strength to strength.

“The commitment and sacrifice that go with any non-professional sporting endeavour transcend in to business, and there have been many times where I have taken an early phone call or had to respond to an email in the middle of a training camp in order for a delivery to take place.

“Back in 2013 we started with a few small orders to a very select few customers who were taking a punt on us and since then we have managed to grow our customer base to include more than 400 clubs, schools, team’s institutes and associations across Australia and internationally.

“Delfina Sport supply to a range of sports from water polo, swimming, diving, underwater hockey, underwater rugby, ocean swimming, surf life saving and even some land based sports.”

Defina in 2016 came on board to partner with Water Polo Australia to support national teams, both seniors and juniors.

Delfina Sport pride themselves on their point of difference, customisation, with Martin knowing first-hand the importance of wearing a well-designed product when competing.

“With another supplier I had three costumes ripped in one game, so it is incredibly important to have a strong, durable and comfortable product.”

“Team customisation and design are incredibly important in fostering a team culture, you see this with the New York Yankees, Hawthorn Football Club and Baggy Green for the Australian cricket team.”

Delfina Sport’ association with Water Polo across Australia can be seen at a grassroots and elite level.  For details on Delfina Sport visit www.delfinasport.com

Featured Image J Sharrock Photography