Perth Cockatoos 70+ take gold at FINA World Masters Champs

As the 17th FINA World Masters Championships closed its doors to the thousands of fans that flocked to the stands, all winners have been decided.

With 9400 competitors from across the globe, the FINA World Masters Championships is always a big event, but this year it was taken to a new level with an astonishing 6000 fans filling every possible space in the stands on Sunday, the finals day really was a spectacular show.

From an Australian perspective, the Perth Cockatoos 70+ Men’s team shone through with an outstanding result against the USA’s Blue Thunder Mst 70+ to take the gold medal in their category.

Australian Perth Cockatoos and the US Team of Blue Thunder Masters already played a very tough match at the opening round and they met again in the final.

The Cockatoos Tom Hoad said: “It was enough to say that we were lucky. We are the oldest competitors here, sometimes we just swam without any purpose, but I’m happy because we won.

“The Hungarians deserve all compliments, because the competitions and the organising are both fantastic,” he said.

Our female Aussie representatives need not be disappointed, with the Women’s Pink Pointers, also from Perth, storming into the finals after a 19-2 win over the USA’s Peninsula WP in their semi.  The finals, unfortunately, saw them unable to score a goal against Canada’s Calgary PS 50+, but still a great result for our only women team participating to take home the silver medal this year.

Every single competitor showed great skill, fight and determination in the pool, it is heartwarming to see so many players still in the sport in the masters’ category.

WPA would like to congratulate every competitor from Australia on their performance and hope to see as many if not more turn out for the contest next year.


Men’s 70+, Perth Cockatoos GOLD MEDAL

Perth Cockatoos (AUS)-Blue Thunder Masters (USA) 6-5 (1-0, 2-2, 1-1, 2-2)
Hoad 2, Neesham 2, Wallace, Gunthorp, vs. Stage 3, Kolarik, Koehler

Men’s 65+ Perth Cockatoos, 7th place

Perth Cockatoos 9 Helsinfors Sim. 4

Men’s 60+ Perth Cockatoos, 9th place

Perth Cockatoos 7 SV Cannstatt 5

Men’s 60+ UWA City Beach, Group B 6th place

UWA City Beach 2 HZC De Robben 12

Men’s 55+, Perth Cockatoos, 9th place

Perth Cockatoos 10 Attaboy’s Club 4

Men’s 50+ UWA City Beach, 15th place

UWA City Beach 5 Calgary Mst WPC 3

Women’s 50+ 55+ and 60+, Pink Pointers (50+) SILVER MEDAL

Pink Pointers 0 Calgary PS 5